Established in 1936, “Menzo Butao” specialises in Hakata Tonkatsu Ramen and offers more than 20 varieties of the dish. There are three different and delicious soup bases to choose from – Butao (White), Kuroo (Black) and Akao (Red). The Butao base is pork broth made from boiling pork bones and sinews for over 14 hours to extract all the natural favour of the bones. This soup base is fown straight to Singapore where it is mixed with more pork bones and simmered for hours to obtain the right consistency and favour. The Kuroo broth is an emulsion of fried shallots and vegetable oil and the Akao broth is slightly spicy as it contains chilli oil but gets its red colour from the Gochujang (Korean Miso) and Doubanjiang (Chinese Miso).

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